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The camping ground and reserve is open to the public seven days a week.

As well as a bush walk and horse trail there are a number of facilities available including: picnic areas, toilets, swimming areas, and accommodation.

Bush Walks and Horse Trail

Redwoods on bush walk

The main bush walk and horse trail, has one main trail that loops around the camping area with a few side trails. The loop is approximately 600m long and is flat. A gentle stroll around the reserve should take 10-15 minutes or allow 30 minutes for a full exploration. Short cuts can be made at various parts of the main track. There is also a mount and dismount point for disabled riders. The track can get a bit boggy in winter. There are a number of places to rest or picnic along the track. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Also, the Eketahuna Cliff Walk is very close to the camp.


Kowhai Kowhai

There are numerous scenic plants found on the Reserve. There are some distinctive cabbage and Redwood trees.

Picnic Areas

Are located at various parts of the reserve. These include the open space area adjacent to the parking area [most popular] and clearings throughout the bush walk and close to swimming spots.


An all weather [gravel], sheltered, parking area is available as you come into the camping ground.


A clean flushing toilet block with a separate division for male & female is located near the parking area.

Health and Safety

Small Children

A river borders the camping area. Young children should be watched at all times.


Dogs and pets are permitted on the Reserve.


Cyclists are permitted but should be on the lookout for walkers.